What is The Great Next?

We’re an adventure travel marketplace. We help travellers looking for their NEXT thrill to find adventure operators who will organize it. If the itch for adventure strikes, we want to be the ones you think of. For other itches, call your doctor!
We’re all about being transparent and democratic. Customers see who is actually organizing the trip, operators get access to consumers directly. We just provide a platform and do the marketing to bring the two together.
Some people do yoga to find peace. Some people go for aromatherapy massages to relax. We think adventure is our path to nirvana (although we wouldn’t turn down an aromatherapy massage either!) and we want to share it.

Are the trips organized and conducted by The Great Next?

Hey, we have enough trouble getting dressed and getting to work on time! So no, we don’t organize or run any trips ourselves. We list third party adventure operators and their trips, and help travellers buy these trips online.

What makes us special?

We’retravellers ourselves, and we all have different styles. Some of us enjoy absolutely basic adventure travel; some of us need four walls around us when we sit on the potty; and some of us carry our pillows with us when we travel. We understand that ‘adventure’ means different things for different people, and that’s why we look for adventures of varying levels of intensity.
We’re also a curious bunch, which is why our trips are so meticulously researched. We’re pretty sure you won’t find this level of detail anywhere else. However, if you have a question about a trip that we haven’t covered, drop us a line and we’ll add it to the list.
Find out more about us here.

Why don’t you have more trips?

Give us a few months! We’ve just launched and are adding new trips and operators every day. If you are an operator, please call or email us to get listed. If you are a traveller and you do not see your favorite operator listed here, email us and we will be very grateful.

Why does The Great Next only list adventure travel trips?

Some of the most memorable moments of our lives have happened while we’re under the sea behind a scuba mask, or flapping not-so-gracefully in the harness of a paraglider. We want to share that feeling.
We’ve also met some very cool people who have given up mainstream careers to build adventure travel companies, and we want to promote them.

If I have a question about a specific adventure trip, what do I do?

You can talk to us or directly to the operator.
For trip-specific questions, you can drop an enquiry on the individual trip page and the adventure operator will respond to you directly. However, if they’re camping at the top of Everest, they may take some time to get back to you. We cannot guarantee that the operator will revert to you in a timely manner or accurately answer your question.
If you prefer calling, the phone number on every trip page connects you to us, The Great Next. We’ll do everything we can to answer all your questions as soon as possible. The number to reach us is: + 91 9920250519.

If I want to make a cancellation, what do I do?

If you want to cancel a trip, please call us on + 91 9920250519 or email us at [email protected]

Why can’t I make a cancellation online, like other ecommerce sites?

We know, right? It annoys us too. But as a startup, we have a lot of features that are still under development. Online cancellations is one of them. It’ll be there soon, and in the meanwhile, we’re sorry to make you call/email us instead.

Are there any charges for making a cancellation?

Yes. The Great Next charges Rs. 200 per person per trip as a cancellation charge. Additionally operators have their own cancellation policy and you will be charged as per this policy. Each trip page has the cancellation policy of the operator listed in the Overview section of the page. Feel free to call or email us if you have any doubts.

Does The Great Next have a mobile app?

We are working on that too. You’ll be the first to know as soon as we’re ready to launch.

Does The Great Next organize flight, train, car, bus, and hotel bookings?

No. We do not offer any booking services for flights, hotels, cars or trains. We’re focusing on getting you access to as many adventure sports and adventure operators as possible.

Looking to make a group booking?

We currently do not offer group bookings as an ecommerce option. Feel free to call us at + 91 9920250519 or email us on [email protected] and we can connect you with the best operators for your group.

Are the adventure trips on The Great Next suitable for children?

Yes and no. Some of our trips are suitable for children/teens, depending on the level of activity involved. Check the minimum age field for a trip to see if your kids can join the trip.

Is it safe to travel with any operator on The Great Next?

We try to list a range of operators across different adventure sports. We also strive to avoid those with a “bad name in the industry”. However this is considerably subjective.
Currently we do not have the ability to audit and evaluate our operators on a safety and service level. We are currently ONLY providing a platform to list trips and buy trips. Hence, unfortunately, the relationship and contract of safety lies between the traveller and the operator.
We recognize this is not ideal and we are working towards resolving this. Until then feel free to share your thoughts on how we can enable travellers to evaluate an operator’s safety capabilities.

Do we accept advertising on the website?

Currently we do not accept advertising on the site – although we could use the money. Why? Because any available space on the site is something we want to use to promote our adventure trip operators. Free of cost of course.

How do we make money?

Every time customers book a trip online, respective adventure tour operators pay us a commission for the sale.

On what do we spend money?

We spend money on a small office; a growing tech, content and operations team; and all the gadgets and technology to keep the site up. Occasionally, we spend money on ice cream and beer. Sometimes at the same time.

Are we hiring?

If you’re looking for a full-time job with cool people in a really cool space, you can check out our careers page here.
We’re also usually looking for people with skills in PHP, mobile development, travel content writing, travel operations, adventure travel sales, online marketing and more. If you are keen to work with us, drop us a line and we can discuss how we can work together.

What can we do for adventure tour operators?

We want to make it possible for adventure operators to focus on finding and organizing the best possible adventures, so we take care of the marketing and customer acquisition for them.
To begin with, you sign our contract. Then you share the trips you want to list with us. Our kick-ass content team rewrites your content to meet our content guidelines. They’ll ask you a ton of questions and fill in all the details for you. Then you check the trips once for accuracy, and BOOM, we take them live.
We undertake online marketing campaigns to drive adventure travellers to our site. Any enquires travellers have are sent to operators directly. The content management, listing, and enquiries are all free of cost to operators. However all online sales will be charged a travel agent’s commission.