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Try Dive (Lite) in Havelock Island
Havelock, Andaman Nicobar, India
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Rs. 3,500
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Scuba trip
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Rs. 3,500
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Scuba trip
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  • Trip introduction

    Designed as as shorter version of the already-brief Discover Scuba Dive (DSD) trip in the Andamans, this Try Dive trip is perfect for those who want to experience the underwater world, but don't have time.

    In this version of the Discover Scuba Dive (DSD) in Andamans, you'll have about 20 minutes of training in shallow water, and about 25 minutes of diving time, going to a maximum depth of 10-12 metres.

    NOTE: You will be doing this dive from the shore itself. This version of Discover Scuba Diving in the Andamans saves you time because you don't go out in a boat. The entire trip will take you just under two hours.


    The Andaman Sea offers one of the highest counts of fish and coral species on the planet. Havelock Island itself is an idyllic paradise with white sand beaches fringed with coconut groves, and blue, blue water with high visibility. On this Try Dive trip in the Andamans, you'll be swimming alongside a mind-boggling array of fish and a profusion of healthy, colourful coral.

    Destination highlights

    • Go scuba diving in the azure waters of the Andaman Islands.
    • Dive to a depth of about 35-40 feet depth during your Havelock scuba diving session.
    • Enjoy a short experience of scuba diving in the most beautiful islands in India.
    • Take home underwater photographs of you on the best adventure of your life.

    Trip requirements

    Health conditions

    Participants should be in good health for Try Dive in Havelock, with no pre-existing medical conditions, and have basic to moderate fitness. If you have respiratory or cardiac conditions, please check with your doctor before booking a scuba diving trip.

    Fine print

    Rules on the trip

    For Havelock scuba diving, you'll be entering some of the most untouched waters in the world. Please avoid littering, damaging coral, or touching fish.

    You will receive a full briefing before scuba diving sessions begin: please follow instructions as they are devised for your own safety and that of the people around you.

    If the operator believes you are intoxicated or in any way unfit for scuba diving, they may refuse to let you participate. This is at the discretion of the operator.

    Please allow 24 hours after completing your scuba diving session before you fly. Your body needs this time to recover.

    Cancellation policy

    For cancellations of your Andamans Try Dive trip 30 days before departure: Full refund will be given, minus any transaction charges.

    For cancellations of your Andamans Try Dive trip 15-29 days before departure: 50% refund will be given, minus any transaction charges.

    For cancellations of your Andamans Try Dive trip 15 days or less before departure: No refund will be given.

    No show: No refund.

    Additional instructions, booking policies, terms and conditions

    After a participant's booking is confirmed, they will receive a detailed Medical Questionnaire form to be filled in. If they answer Yes to any of the questions, they will have to get a doctor's clearance on this document for the Try Dive in Havelock. Having pre-existing medical conditions does not preclude anyone from Havelock Try Dive; it just means that the diving instructors and staff are better prepared and can create an personalised experience.

    The operator conducts scuba diving in Havelock even in the rain, so there is very little chance that the itinerary will change due to weather conditions. However, if it is deemed unsafe to go scuba diving, the schedule may need to change. Dive India reserves all rights to change the itinerary even after a booking has been made to ensure complete safety of its customers and staff.

    Trip details

    Pick up point
    Dive India's dive center, Havelock
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    Drop off point
    Dive India's dive center, Havelock
    Mode of transport
    Start point
    Dive India's dive center, Havelock
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    End point
    Dive India's dive center, Havelock
    Time of departure
    07:30 AM
    Time of return
    02:30 PM

    Activity Details

    Number of dives
    Average dive duration
    25 mins
    Hotel transter
    Maximum depth during course
    36 feet
    Average time per dive
    25 mins
    Mandatory travel insurance
  • Try Diving in Havelock Island

    The typical day for Try Diving in Havelock begins like this: wake up bright and early, and eat a normal breakfast before reporting to the dive centre by 08:00 a.m. You'll be asked to fill in some documents, and will be fitted for gear for your Try Dive. After this, you'll meet your instructor and head into the water to begin using your equipment. When you're ready, you'll wade out into the water for your dive. Enjoy your time in the water as you admire the vibrant colours and marine species. When your dive is over, you'll be ready to book your next! Trip end after this.

    Day 1 - Milestone

    Start point
    Dive India divecenter
    End point
    Dive India divecenter
    Day start time
    07:30 AM
    Maximum depth
    35 feet
    Total dive time
    2 hrs
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  • Includes / Excludes

    • One training session in shallow/confined water
    • One Try Dive session in open water for about 25 mins
    • Instructor and dive crew
    • All scuba equipment required
    • Photos and videos of your dive
    • All applicable taxes
    • Any transport to and from the dive centre
    • Any boat ride to and from scuba diving spot
    • Any food and refeshments
    • Anything not listed in inclusions

    What to Wear

      What to Wear
    • Swim wear that is comfortable and will not restrict movement
      What not to Wear
    • Expensive jewellery or watches

    Equipment / Gear

      We Provide
    • Aqualung/Seaquest Wave BCDs
    • Aqualung Calypso regulators
    • 3mm shorties
    • Tanks fitted with standard international/yoke valves as well as DIN valves
      You need to get
    • Towel
    • Swim wear
    • Memory card/USB drive for taking home photos of your Havelock scuba diving

    Medical Kit

    • Please carry specific personal or prescribed medication, personal first-aid kit.
  • Please check the Overview tab for itinerary details. If you have further questions, you can chat with us online.
  • Marker on map shows trip start point.